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Cave in Muotathal

Hölloch Cave, with a known length of approx. 200 kilometres, is the longest cave in Western Europe and also one of the biggest cave systems in the world. For almost a million years, the water has performed mighty work underground and shaped the cave into its present form.

Shortly after leaving the canton's principal town Schwyz and branching off into the Muotathal, one feels Hölloch Cave gradually come closer. It becomes noticeably shadier and cooler, the air fresher. Above the hamlet of Stalden one finds the entrance into the massive cave system, located under the karst area of the primeval forest like Bödmerenwald and the Silberen summit. The cave labyrinth was discovered in 1875 by Alois Ulrich from Stalden. Development began in 1905, followed by use for tourism one year later.

Unlike other caves, Hölloch Cave is hardly tamed with concreted paths and electric lighting. Tours into Hölloch Cave are accompanied by trained guides. Tours vary from 1.5-hour short tours up to expeditions with bivouac lasting several days. In the underground world of stalagmites and stalactites one can also admire deep chasms, magical rock formations, glacier wells, fossils and lakes.
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