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Mountain Lakes

Discover the crystal-clear mountain lakes of the region, often located at quiet and fantastic places. Oases inviting you to a picnic or even to take a cooling dip after a strenuous walk.

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Map Luzern
The beautiful natural lake "Eisee" is situated at the foot of the Brienzer Rothorn at 1900m above sea level. The Eisee, glittering with many colours, is a paradise for amateur fishers and nature enthusiasts. More
Bergbahnen Sörenberg AG
Hinterschöniseistrasse 4
6174 Sörenberg
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Map Luzern
The Alplersee is an almost circular mountain lake in the canton of Uri and is 1,506 m above sea-level. In summer, the glass-clear water warms up to bath temperature. More
Uri Tourismus AG
Schützengasse 11
6460 Altdorf UR
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Map Luzern
The Arni, the sunny mountain terrace on the west side of the Urner Reusstal, is one of the most beautiful destinations in the canton of Uri. At its heart is the Arnisee at 1368m above sea level. More
Luftseilbahn Intschi–Arnisee
6476 Intschi
Tel. +41 (0)41 883 16 88


Map Luzern
The idyllic Bannalpsee is located on the Bannalp, an insider's tip for mountain climbers and those seeking peace and quiet. It has been developed from Oberrickenbach in Engelbergertal with the two cable airways Fell-Chrüzhütte and Fellboden-Bannalpsee. More
Luftseilbahn Bannalp
Fell-Chrüzhütte AG
6387 Oberrickenbach
Tel. +41 (0)41 628 16 33
Fax +41 (0)41 628 20 41
Luftseilbahnen Bannalp


Map Luzern
At the south end of the Muotatal lies the Bisistal. From Sali you can reach the Glattalp by cable airway to the Glattalpsee in which the mountain peaks Ortstock and Höch Turm are reflected. More
Schwyz Tourismus
Zeughausstrasse 10
6430 Schwyz
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Map Luzern
A popular trip destination for ramblers and nature lovers is Golzern. Golzernsee is a natural beauty at 1409m above sea level. It lies in a glacial corrie surrounded by forest and provides a magnificent view of the great mountain landscape. More
LSB Golzern-Bristen
Talweg 37
6475 Bristen
Tel. +41 (0)41 883 12 70


Map Luzern
The Göscheneralptal with the reservoir at 1792m above sea level is a scenic walk and climbing paradise in the Urner Alps. More


Map Luzern
The idyllic Härzlisee at 1800 m above sea level at Brunni is a little gem. A 220m long barefoot path leads around the lake where the experience of nature and the promotion of general well-being is at the fore. More
Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg
Wydenstrasse 55
6390 Engelberg
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Lake Seewli

Map Luzern
Lake Seewli at 2,028 m above sea-level at the feet of the north wall of the Grosse Windgälle above Silenen is a rewarding hiking destination. It is 9 ha in area and 20 m deep - the biggest and deepest of all natural mountain lakes in the canton of Uri. More
Uri Tourismus AG
Schützengasse 11
6460 Altdorf UR
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Map Luzern
On the Älggialp, above the centre of Switzerland, is situated the beautiful Seefeldsee at a height of 1819m above sea level. More
Berggasthaus Aelggialp
Postfach 201
6072 Sachseln
Tel. +41 (0)41 675 13 62
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