Kunstmuseum Luzern
Natur-Museum Luzern

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St. Gotthard Museum

St. Gotthard-Museum


The museum is located at the top of the big Alpine pass, at 2,100 m above sea-level. The national Gotthard Museum uses the most modern techniques to show people's long, difficult struggle to constantly improve and expand this trading and transport route which was so important to them.

In the national Gotthard Museum, the positive and negative aspects of the road are shown in an extremely lively way. The cruel battles that took place here, the self-sacrificing helpfulness of the hospice residents, the lives of the sumpters and postmen, the courage of travellers in winter, the organisation of transportation, the times of the post coaches, tunnelling of the mountain for railways and road, but also the spreading of ideas and arts - the viewer can experience and understand all of this in an exciting way.
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