Breathtaking nature experiences

Sittlisalp Uri

El Dorado of cable cars in Uri / Photo: Beat Brechbühl


Escape everyday life in Uri’s El Dorado of cable cars

The holiday region of Uri is a veritable El Dorado of cable cars with 36 different aerial cableways to discover. The many unique cableways allow you to immerse yourself in Uri’s unforgettable mountain landscape and escape from the stress of everyday life. These aerial cableways were originally constructed for the development of mountain villages and for agricultural purposes before they were used for tourism. Discover authentic hospitality and experience the history of the aerial cableways at the heart of Uri’s fascinating mountain landscape.

Hofstetten-Wilerli in Uri

El Dorado of cable cars in Uri / Photo: Beat Brechbühl


Somewhere between rugged and delightful – discover the Herzschlaufe Napf

The spectacular cycling tour route around the Napf is an additional stretch of the famous Herzroute which guides you diagonally through Switzerland, far away from any traffic. Three day-long stages escort you through this traditional part of Switzerland. This stretch leads you through wild trenches, over mountain ranges with a breath-taking view of the Alps and through picturesque town centres. Electric bikes are recommended for this route and can be rented from all three stage locations: Willisau, Langnau im Emmental and Entlebuch.


Napf Region / Photo: Beat Brechbühl


On two wheels through the UNESCO Biosphere

Cycling through the wilderness of UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch is a particular adventure. The stark and jagged rocks of the Schrattenfluh form the skyline of this cycling tour route in upper Entlebuch. The Salwideli moors are reminiscent of the landscapes of the Canadian wilderness, with entrancing forests and idyllic mountain brooks transforming tours into a first-class scenic experience. Root-covered pathways with various ledges and intricate passageways make this route an exhilarating cycling experience. In the evening, you can enjoy the stillness and traditional ambience of Entlebuch while enjoying a culinary speciality of the region.

UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch

UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch