Vibrant city

KKL Lucerne

KKL Lucerne / Photo: Elge Kenneweg


Caught between quarries and cupcakes – discover trendy Lucerne

Lucerne City has a lot more to offer besides the Chapel Bridge and the Water tower. Only a hop, skip and a jump away from the historic Old Town, the New Town will surprise you with its refreshing charm and hip, trendy venues. Get to know the locals’ favourite locations and visit local studios, lovely shops and even a watch manufacturer. You will also be able to taste the finest cheeses, mix cocktails and marvel at the original baked creations at the Crazy Cupcake Café. A visit to the famous Rosengart Collection perfectly rounds off the programme.

Bruchquartier Lucerne

Crazy Cupcake Café / Photo: Beat Brechbühl


Festival-City Lucerne

With 10 Top Events taking place throughout the year, you could never be bored in Lucerne. Experience the feverish excitement of the Lucerne Regatta, let yourself drift away to the classical acoustics of the Lucerne Festival. Learn about the origins of each of the festivals and experience Lucerne’s fascinating history with tourism. Even if you’re just looking for some rest and relaxation, you will have no trouble finding it here in Lucerne. Just a boat journey away awaits the Pilatus mountain with the steepest cogwheel railway in the world and breath-taking panoramic views.