Business partners

Our business partners comprise companies and associations that avail themselves of the LTAG network. Through their partnership they demonstrate their connectedness with the Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region.

Electrical shops (VZEI)

Electrical shops and the Lucerne Tourist Board are affiliated on a partnership basis with the aim of bolstering the market in Central Switzerland.

Kurt Steiner AG

Our premium BMW and MINI marques excel in giving people a totally personalized driving experience. Kurt Steiner AG has been in family ownership since 1929.

Sbrinz Käse GmbH

For centuries, Sbrinz cheese has been sought after far beyond the borders of Switzerland. Documents show that the «formaggio di Sbrinzo – best quality» was being transported from Central Switzerland to Italy as early as the 16th century.

Weinbau Ottiger

The Rosenau Estate has been cultivating Pinot Noir and Riesling-Silvaner in Kastanienbaum near Lucerne since 1981.


Provins has been a pioneer in the world of wine since 1930. Through the work of Madeleine Gay, the "Maître de Chais" name has become an undeniable point of reference for lovers of great wines.

One Training Center

The ONE Training Center offers bespoke one-to-one fitness training. Qualified fitness instructors respond to clients' needs and offer optimal advice.