The most beautiful view

to the west Mount Pilatus
young art everywhere and some Antiques.
The most beautiful view to lake and mountains
a storm is approaching from Lucerne
Overture of Rossinis Willhelm Tell
the view is omnipresent
its not conventional..
Bathroom with rainshower
in the vicinity for hikes up the Rigi
more view.. to the aerea wher switzerland started in the 13 century
Kitchen, Dishwasher, Fridge, Oven, Espresso and your skills..
more Kitchen
Fire place, TV, cable in the living .. and everywhere a beautiful oak parkett
Bath in Pink..
Infrared Sauna ... unwind after a long walk in the mountains
Entrance no entrance for worrys
To Pool or to Lake, that is the question..
You need a car and you have to climb 3 flights of stairs. But then its close to paradies. Lake and Mountains offre a show with changing colors and moods. The apartement offers all that you wish for. To get to the place you need a car. and its 70 steps to get to the apartment.

Location and Contact

Riedsortstrasse 49
6353 Weggis