Entlebuch Pass Tour

Road Bike
85.1 km
Travel time
6 h
Photo: UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch, CC BY, BikeBuddy Sörenberg
Kneippanlage Schwandalpweiher bei Flühli
Photo: UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch, CC BY, Sconosciuto
Photo: UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch, CC BY, BikeBuddy Sörenberg
Moorlandschaft auf dem Glaubenberg
Photo: UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch, CC BY, Sconosciuto
Unterwegs mit dem Rennrad
Photo: UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch, CC BY, Sconosciuto

A demanding route over two passes in the Entlebuch.

Looking for a route that offers variety as well as challenges? This tour promises both!

Technical details

Tour type
Road Bike
Starting point
Point of arrival
6 / 6
2144 m
2144 m
Best Time of Year
May, June, July, August, September, October

The route starts in the village of Sörenberg with a steep climb to the Glaubenbielen Pass. Want to bet you barely notice the acuteness of the gradient? You can enjoy the gorgeous scenery on the way up. The views of Lake Sarnen from the summit are breathtaking and will soon have you forgetting your exertions. You then descend all the way down to Giswil then follow the lake to Sarnen. How about a breather by the water? The tour then continues via Stalden, rising to the second pass, the Glaubenberg. Take particular care as you cross the many cattle grids. You may well encounter cows on the road on the Obwalden side. There are places where you can stop for a bite to eat just before the pass crossing, including the Berghotel Langis and Bergrestaurant Schwendi-Kaltbad. There is another small one at the pass itself, surrounded by mesmerising moorland scenery. The pass is followed by a descent via Gfellen and Finsterwald to Entlebuch. Here, you follow the Emme and head for Schüpfheim before the route makes a final climb. You then arrive in Sörenberg, the village you originally left from.


Die Broschüre "Bike Guide" mit vielen interessanten Bikevorschlägen in der UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch erhalten Sie unter: UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch

Author’s advice

Highlights along the route:

  1. Glaubenberg Moor, Entlebuch
  2. Entlebucherhaus, Schüpfheim
  3. Kneipp installation at Schwandalpweiher, Flühli
  4. Brienzer Rothorn, Sörenberg
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Good to know


Kostenlose Parkplätze bei den Bergbahnen Sörenberg (Parkplatz Schönisei oder Schönenboden).

Arrival / Return journey

Von Luzern oder Bern Richtung Schüpfheim und dann nach Sörenberg abbiegen. Im Sommer ist die Anfahrt über die Panoramastrasse (Glaubenbielen) ab Giswil möglich.

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport

Im Halbstunden Takt mit dem Zug ab Bern oder Luzern, Haltestelle Schüpfheim aussteigen. Weiter mit dem Postauto Richtung Sörenberg.

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