Erstfeld Valley Bike - 405 SwitzerlandMobility

Mountain Bike
14.1 km
Travel time
2 ½ h
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez

Erstfeld, a village noted for its railway connections and forward-looking energy projects, has a side valley of the same name. The village is easy to get to by public transport. This relatively short route offers everything that constitutes an attractive MTB tour and can easily be combined with other tours. 

The majestic Schlossberg shows you the way as you reach the outskirts of Erstfeld and turn into the valley trail. The serpentine valley road immediately tests your mettle with a venomous climb. You pass charming hamlets and estates, which are typical of the scattered settlements you find in Uri’s mountainous regions. Wilerli at alt. 1085 m represents the highest point of this particular tour. The single trail through the Platten valley with its short technical descent via the alpine path at the Bockitobel is an MTB delight. The Bockiberg is the most impressive vantage point on the route. It offers views of the entire valley floor and of the lower Reuss valley. Hofstetten, by the vintage Hofstetten-Wilerli aerial cableway with its open cabins, is where you hit the valley floor. 



The tour is waymarked no. 405 throughout.

Technical details

Tour type
Mountain Bike
Starting point
Erstfeld station
Point of arrival
Erstfeld station
3 / 6
620 m
620 m

Erstfeld - Sagerberg - Wilerli - Scheidweg - Bocki - Hofstetten - Erstfeld

Author’s advice

Be sure not to miss the many railway-oriented activities in Erstfeld, including the Gotthard Basis Tunnel visitor experience, Swiss Federal Railways depot of vintage locomotives, and tours of the railways Maintenance and Intervention Centre!

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Good to know


Kostenpflichtiger Parkplatz am Bahnhof Erstfeld.

Arrival / Return journey

Von der Autobahn A2 her kommend in Richtung Erstfeld, Bahnhof Erstfeld fahren.

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport

Take the bus or train to Erstfeld station, where this tour starts.

Further information & links

Gotthard Tunnel-Erlebnis

SBB Depot Erstfeld

Erhaltungs- und Interventionszentrum


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