Grand prix: around Lake Sempach

31.6 km
Travel time
approx. 2 ½ h
Tour details
Tour details
Grand prix: around Lake Sempach
An idyllic cycling route that takes you once around Lake Sempach. Highlights of the tour include picturesque old towns, tranquil lakeside paths and a stunning alpine panorama.
In the heart of Central Switzerland lies Lake Sempach, nestled amongst gentle rolling hills with unobstructed views of the mighty alpine chain. An idyllic cycling route leads once around Lake Sempach: the lakeside path passes via fields, past woods and through delightful medieval towns.


The towns of Sempach and Sursee have something in common: they both have charming medieval quarters whose layouts have been preserved and which testify to an eventful past. Both towns also take immense care over their appearance: they plan, restore and build with great sensitivity. The skilful combination of the modern and historical is a treat for the eyes and has been rewarded with the Wakker Prize.


A particular highlight of the tour are the phenomenal views. On a clear day, the rocky flanks appear close enough to touch, and you are treated to an incredible panorama that stretches from the Glarus Alps to the Bernese Oberland, with the Central Swiss peaks in between.

Technical details

Tour type
Starting point
Bahnhof Sursee
Point of arrival
Bahnhof Sursee
3 / 6
350 m
350 m
Best Time of Year
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
The route can be followed in either direction.


Sursee station, Sursee old quarter, past the hospital, Seehüsere, over the Oberkirch Suren outflow, past Lindenhof, Oberkirch, lakeside path along the railway line, underpass at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre sports ground, through the Caribbean Village and past Nottwil station, up to the village, over the main road, continue heading for Nottwil Oberdorf, Notteler Wood, Unterhuprächtigen, Hupträchtigen, Mittel/Oberhupträchtigen, past Schwendi and Lindenholz farms, down to Neuenkirch, straight through the village and past the church, Sellenboden, Neuhus, over the railway line, Adelwil, Sempach old quarter, Kirchbühl, Neuhof, Eich, along the Roman way, pass under the motorway in Schenkon on the lakeside path, at the Sursee lido up to the ring road, Sursee old quarter, Sursee station.

Safety information
Keep a look out for the junction: if you come from Sursee and Oberkirch, the route follows the railway line, which is to its right. On arrival at the sports facility by the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil, the route passes beneath the line and continues to follow it on the other side. It leads through the Caribbean Village, up to the village, past the church and the Notteler Wood before hugging the flank as it heads towards Neuenkirch.
Take provisions if necessary and a rain jacket in case the weather turns.
Author’s advice
Kirchbühl above Sempach hosts a national monument, the Church of St. Martin, surrounded by peaceful scenery and grandiose views.
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Good to know

Parking is available at the P+R bays by the station or in the shopping centre next to the station.
Arrival / Return journey
Leave the motorway by the Sursee exit. Parking is available at the P+R bays by the station.
Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
Arriving by train at Sursee. The tour can start at the station. It can also be started and ended anywhere.