Historical Walk around Hohle Gasse

Thematic Trail
4.2 km
Travel time
1 ½ h
Tour details
Tour details
Historical Walk around Hohle Gasse

Immensee - Hohle Gasse - Gesslerburg - Küssnacht

A historical walk from Immensee to Küssnacht, past the Hohle Gasse, where you will know interesting facts about the national legend of Willhelm Tell.

This walk starts at the historic Hohle Gasse in Immensee. At this place where Tell is said to have shot the Habsburg bailiff Gessler. In Friedrich Schiller's book "Willhelm Tell" Tell (IV, 3) said: "He must come through this hollow alley. There is no other way to Küssnacht."

Hohle Gasse was completely renovated in 2005 and is an exciting experience for young and old. Now you can read the story again at the interactive information pavilion. After crossing the Hohle Gasse you will take the Tellerenweg in the direction of Gesslerburg. A beautiful view over Küssnacht and Lake Lucerne awaits you. You can also visit the historic Knochenstampfe at the Gesslerburg. Numerous barbecue sites invite you for a cosy picnic. The path continues toward the village centre of Küssnacht, from where you can go on your further journey by bus or boat.

Technical details

Tour type
Thematic Trail
Starting point
Point of arrival
2 / 6
133 m
89 m
Best Time of Year
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Immensee (415 m) - Hohle Gasse (518 m) - Gesslerburg (518 m) - Kuessnacht (434 m)

From Immensee via Dorfstrasse up to Hauptstrasse, keep right and cross the street. At the next junction keep left towards Hohle Gasse. From Hohle Gasse follow the marked route towards Gesslerburg. Descent from Gesslerbug to the village (main square), from there to the lake, along the quay to Kuessnacht railway station.

Trakking boots, rain coat
Author’s advice

I recommend to watch the interesting audio-visual show at Hohle Gasse 

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Good to know


You will find numerous parking spaces in Küssnacht and Immensee.

However, we recommend you to arrive by public transportations instead of cars: just lean back, enjoy and do something good for the environment.


Arrival / Return journey
A4 highway - exit Küssnacht - via Zugerstrasse and Nordstrasse to Immensee.
Accessible by bus and train
Public transport

Take the train to Immensee. SBB timetable