Höhronen Tour

Mountain Bike
32.9 km
Travel time
3 ½ h
Sihlsee - Grösster Stausee der Schweiz
Photo: Schwyz Tourismus, Ferien- und Ausflugsregion Schwyz
Hochmoor Rothenthurm
Photo: Schwyz Tourismus, Ferien- und Ausflugsregion Schwyz
Chatzenstrick mit Blick ins Klosterdorf Einsiedeln
Photo: Schwyz Tourismus, Ferien- und Ausflugsregion Schwyz
Kloster Einsiedeln bei Abenddämmerung
Photo: Schwyz Tourismus, Ferien- und Ausflugsregion Schwyz
Etzel - Hausberg von Pfäffikon SZ
Photo: Schwyz Tourismus, Ferien- und Ausflugsregion Schwyz
Etzel - Hausberg von Pfäffikon SZ
Photo: Schwyz Tourismus, Ferien- und Ausflugsregion Schwyz
A pleasurable, undulating tour along the pre-Alpine Höhronen hills. Between the start and finish in Einsiedeln, bikers pass two moors, look down on two lakes and enjoy the panorama of the Ybrig mountains.


Starting in Einsiedeln, a place of pilgrimage with its impressive Abbey, the trail soon leads to Lake Sihl, the largest reservoir in Switzerland. At Egg (SZ), it crosses the river Sihl over the Devil's Bridge, part of the Way of St. James. Fascinating fact: the physician Paracelsus was born nearby in 1493. This is followed by a short, steep ascent that branches off before the top of the Etzel Pass. With Lake Zurich in view, bikers ride downhill to Schindellegi, back across the Sihl and uphill along the Höhronen.

Their eye is soon drawn by the colourful sight of the Schwantenau moorland reserve. Later, they will enjoy the distant view across the Rothenthurm moorland. Covering more than 100 hectares, this is Switzerland's largest upland moor and heathland, traversed by the small and meandering river Biber.

On the ridge of the Höhronen hills stands the border stone, marking the boundary between the cantons of Zurich, Schwyz and Zug. The route runs through the middle of the forest, but not all the way up: instead, it leads towards the Raten Pass and St. Jost Chapel with a magnificent view of the Ägeri Valley. Crossing the Rothenthurm moorland, which we admired from above earlier on, it takes us to Altmatt. Now comes the final obstacle on the tour: the Chatzenstrick. At the top, bikers are rewarded with a view across the monastery village of Einsiedeln with Lake Sihl and the Ybrig mountains in the background.

Technical details

Tour type
Mountain Bike
Starting point
Point of arrival
3 / 6
834 m
834 m
Best Time of Year
April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Einsiedeln - Horgenberg - Waldweg - Tüfelsbrugg - Enzenau - Büel - Schindellegi - Höhronen - Raten - Bibersteg - Dritte Altmatt - Katzenstrick - Einsiedeln

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Author’s advice
  • Einsiedeln Monastery
  • Restaurant near St. Jost
  • Raten restaurant
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Good to know

Parking is available at Brüel AG and the MM Center Einsiedeln, as well as many other places. All are chargeable.
Arrival / Return journey
Einsiedeln is 40 km from Zurich and 55 km from Lucerne. The drive from the Richterswil or Schindellegi exits of the A3 Zurich – Chur motorway to Einsiedeln takes 15 minutes.
Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
Einsiedeln is well served by public transport.

The Swiss Federal Railways and Südostbahn railway company (SOB) run a half-hourly service to Einsiedeln from Zurich.

An hourly service to Einsiedeln is provided by the Voralpen Express railway company, which runs between Romanshorn in eastern Switzerland and the Lucerne conurbation.