Isenthal Bike - 403 SwitzerlandMobility

Mountain Bike
34.2 km
Travel time
5 ½ h
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez

Follow the tracks of the country’s last bear. The tour to Isenthal, perched high above Lake Lucerne, represents a technical and physical challenge, even for experienced MTB’ers.

Isleten, reached via the Swiss Path beside Lake Uri, is where the ascent starts; it is accompanied by fabulous views of the lake. Moving inland, you at last come to the pretty little mountain village of Isenthal, where in 1820 Switzerland’s last bear was hunted down and shot. Beyond Isenthal, you follow the gently rising road to St. Jakob. The route then steepens as you pass through wild and romantic woods and alpine meadows to reach the Chimiboden. The tour starts to bare its teeth in the rear part of the valley. The path to the highest point of the route, the Hinter Alp, is steep and rough. Once there, you can sample the local produce and savour the views at the charming alpine refuge. Refreshed and fortified, it is time for the descent. You will love the single trail to the Gossalp junction. Along the cooling Isenthalerbach, you follow the uphill stretch to the outskirts of the village. The single trail via Birchi rewards you with stunning views of Lake Uri at the Chäppeli vantage point. Enjoy a brief rest before launching yourself down the winding Isenthal road.



The tour is waymarked no. 403 throughout.

Technical details

Tour type
Mountain Bike
Starting point
Point of arrival
6 / 6
1350 m
1350 m

Altdorf - Isleten - Isenthal - St. Jakob - Chimiboden - Gossalp - Hinter Alp - Gossalp - Steinhüttli - Bielrüti - Isenthal - Isleten - Altdorf

Author’s advice

Put your skills to the test on the local handicrafts thematic trail.

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Kostenpflichtiger Parkplatz am Bahnhof Altdorf.

Arrival / Return journey

Von der Autobahn A2 und von der Axenstrasse her kommend in Richtung Altdorf fahren, anschliessend Abzweiger zum Bahnhof nehmen.

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport

Take the bus or train to Altdorf station, where this tour starts.

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