Round MTB tour with views and culture

Mountain Bike
46.6 km
Travel time
4 ½ h
Tour details
Tour details
Round MTB tour with views and culture
Photo: Rita Pauchard, Willisau Tourismus
Round MTB tour with views and culture
Photo: Priska Ziswiler, Willisau Tourismus
Round MTB tour with views and culture
St. Mauritius Kapelle Schötz
Photo: Rita Pauchard, Willisau Tourismus
Passing over hills and through valleys of the Napf region, you discover lesser-known areas such as the Ohms valley and Ufhusen.
The route follows the Heart Route from Willisau over the Stocki to Oberwil. There the path branches off to the left and leads down to Vorder Schache on the Luthern and along the foot of the hill up the valley via Under Ruefswil and along the road to Ruefswil via Lochmüli to Ufhusen. Just before the end of the village the route branches off to the right to Weierhus. Follow the cantonal road to the right up to the level crossing and onwards steeply up to Schönetüel. At the top you continue up to Schwandmatt and Fischbach.

After a short stretch on the cantonal road heading towards Grossdietwil, you turn right and ascend the Bodenberg then via Under Schlämpe and Kället down into a small valley and immediately back on a single trail heading upwards towards Ohmstal.

You now go down to the valley floor of the broad Wigger valley and, at the Luthern, follow a section of the Luthern trail upstream to Oberfeld. Continue towards Schötz past St. Mauritius' Chapel to the Wigger. Follow this road up the right bank of the river until its confluence with the Rot. Continue along the Rot to Ettiswil and on to the road leading to the nature reserve. Passing Castle Wyher you reach Mittler Brästenegg, where you turn right and downwards. Follow the path at the edge of the forest and tackle the difficult single trail in the Höhewald forest to Wellbrig. You then pass through the Galgewald forest down to Willisau via Wellbrig and Ankeloch.

Technical details

Tour type
Mountain Bike
Starting point
Willisau, station
5 / 6
1027 m
1027 m
 Willisau - Ufhusen - Fischbach - Ohmstal - Schötz - Ettiswil - Willisau
Author’s advice
  • Ufhusen
  • Castle Wyher (moated)
  • Buchwald nature reserve
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Rest. Kurhaus Ohmstal (closed Tue & Wed)