"Grosse Welt" round walk in Schwarzenberg

Hiking Trail
7.5 km
Travel time
approx. 2 ½ h
Tour details
Tour details
"Grosse Welt" round walk in Schwarzenberg
The "Grosse Welt" (Big World) is one of the classic walks in Schwarzenberg. This 2-hour-plus outing offers phenomenal views of the village of Schwarzenberg, far into the Central Swiss Plateau and over the Rümligbach gorge into the neighbouring Entlebuch - not least in the autumn and winter months, when dense fog blankets the city while here sunshine and blue skies reign.

Technical details

Tour type
Hiking Trail
Starting point
Rössli Schwarzenberg bus stop
Point of arrival
Rössli Schwarzenberg bus stop
0 / 6
205 m
210 m
From the Rössli bus stop in Schwarzenberg, the path first leads down into the Ennenmatt to Bochslig, briefly along the idyllic upper reaches of the Chesselbach stream and then up to Niederlehn and through the Stutzwald forest to Dieterschwandweid. For a somewhat shorter but less varied variant, after Vortig follow the lower road to Dieterschwand and on to Dieterschwandweid. After a short ascent past Obergütschweid farm, you first reach a glorious vantage point and shortly afterwards the westernmost point of this unique round walk, from where your gaze takes in the Swiss Central Plateau and Rümligschlucht gorge to the neighbouring Entlebuch. Now the path leads southeast down to Büelweid and on to Büel, then to Schirgen and Hinteregg. A detour to the Arnenhubel vantage point is recommended as an alternative. You return to Schwarzenberg via Teufsite.
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