Seetal: Karin Thürig Round Tour

11.6 km
Travel time
1 ½ h
Seetal: Karin Thürig Round Tour
Photo: perretfoto.ch
Seetal: Karin Thürig Round Tour
Aussicht auf den Baldeggersee
Photo: Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee

This tour features road racing champion Karin Thürig’s home patch. Living in the region, a great deal of her training took place here. Karin Thürig took Bronze in the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games, while in 2004 and 2005 she was World Champion in the time trials discipline.

The Karin Thürig Tour starts in Retschwil and is around 10 km in length; it offers views of Lake Baldegg on the flanks of the Erlosen before continuing to Nunwil and returning to Retschwil. The road is asphalted throughout, making it suitable for bicycles, roller skates, horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians.

Starting at Retschwil, the first section follows the cycle path towards Ermensee or Hitzkirch as far as the junction at Stäfligen. You then fork left and up. This is followed by a small climb on side roads. The traffic here is very light. The views at the Vorderzelg junction encompass Lake Baldegg, Heidegg Castle and, on the other side, the Lindenberg, as well as the amazing Prealps.

The tour continues from Vorderzelg, the highest point at 653 m, over the Alp and the Eigen. The descent from Sidenthal takes you via Sidenberg to Nunwil. Nunwil finds you joining the road again and riding back towards Retschwil.

Restaurants can be visited during or after the tour, or how about a cooling dip in Lake Baldegg? The lido in Baldegg is just the place! The lake would also be a good place for a picnic.

Technical details

Tour type
Starting point
Landgasthof Mühleholz, Retschwil (481 m)
Point of arrival
Landgasthof Mühleholz, Retschwil
2 / 6
232 m
232 m
Best Time of Year
March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Retschwil - Stäflige - Vorderzelg - Eigen - Nunwil - Retschwil

Author’s advice

Verpflegung: Landgasthof Mühleholz, Retschwil

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At the Landgasthof Mühleholz (restaurant)

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport

Accessible via train and bus
S9 train from Lucerne or Lenzburg to Baldegg or Ermensee

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