The Silberen Karst Trail

Hiking Trail
13.3 km
Travel time
6 h
The Silberen Karst Trail
Photo: Schwyzer Wanderwege
The Silberen Karst Trail
Photo: Simona Rickenbacher (Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus GmbH), Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
The Silberen Karst Trail
Photo: Simona Rickenbacher (Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus GmbH), Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee

The vast sky above you, the unending “Hölloch” cave system below you and a bare ‘Karst’ limestone landscape all around you.

The ascent leads you continuously away from pastured hillsides to the inhospitable, bizarre karst area of the Silberen mountain. The whistle of the marmot shows that you’ve long since been discovered. The chamois antelopes also understand the signal and flee for cover. Not far from the cross on the summit, you will find traces of a long-abandoned settlement. The breath-taking panoramic view and loneliness invite you to linger awhile. From here, the clearly visible marked trail over the plateau leads towards the east and traces its way across a karst landscape that has been created by water and is shrouded in legends. With a bit of luck, the ptarmigans (snow-grouse) will show up. Rather unexpectedly, you find yourself in the extensive sheep grazing meadows of the Silberen Alp. Countless small ponds reflect the sunlight. The way back to the Pragel is characterised by the view into the Klontal Valley with its deep-blue mountain lake.


Technical details

Tour type
Hiking Trail
Starting point
Point of arrival
4 / 6
1125 m
1125 m
Best Time of Year
May, June, July, August, September, October

Pragelpass - Butzen - Silberen - Alpeli - Pragelpass

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Auf der Pragelpasshöhe sind Parkplätze vorhanden.

Arrival / Return journey

Muotathal is located in Central Switzerland and is easily accessible by car.

Coming from Basel-Lucerne:

Continue on the A14 from Lucerne in the direction of Zug. After 20 km, you will come to the Rütihof intersection. There you take the A4 motorway in the direction of Schwyz. Take the Schwyz exit and follow the signs in the direction of Muotathal.


Coming from Lake Constance and Rapperswil:

At Rapperswil, drive in the direction of Pfäffikon / Gotthard. At Pfäffikon, drive a short distance on the A3 motorway in the direction of Gotthard. Then take the first exit in the direction of Gotthard / Schwyz. The road will take you to Schwyz via Rothenthurm and Sattel. At Schwyz, drive towards Muotathal.


Coming from Gotthard-Altdorf:

Take the bypass (tunnel) in Flüelen in the direction of Schwyz. After the Mosi Tunnel, leave the motorway at Exit 40 Brunnen (in the direction of Weggis/Gersau/Schwyz/Brunnen). Drive in the direction of Ibach/Schwyz and at the 2nd roundabout in Ibach (by Dany's Family Restaurant), take the 1st exit towards Muotathal.

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport

Muotathal is located in the heart of Central Switzerland. It can be reached by public transport via the Auto AG Schwyz No. 1 bus from the SBB train station in Schwyz.

The route between Muotathal Post and the Sahli/Glattalpbahn base station is served by the No. 6 minibus.

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