Tour of Willisau

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Tour details
Tour details
Tour of Willisau
Wasserschloss Wyher
Photo: Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
Tour of Willisau
Burgkapelle Wyher
Photo: Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
Tour of Willisau
Ensemble Sakramentskapelle, Ettiswil
Photo: Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
Tour of Willisau
Biker auf dem Planetenweg, im Hintergrund Burghügel Kastelen mit der Blasius Kapelle
Photo: Willisau Tourismus, Willisau Tourismus
Tour of Willisau
Agrarmuseum Burgrain
Photo: Willisau Tourismus, Willisau Tourismus

This varied round tour is a great way of getting to know the region around Willisau with its many attractions, including Wyher Castle and its moat, the ruins of Kastelen Castle, the Agrovision organic farm experience and the Agricultural Museum in Burgrain. With its medieval old town and famous Ringli biscuits, Willisau is the perfect place to set off on this short tour.

From Willisau station, you cycle past the Hasenburg open-air swimming pool to the Planet Path, which you follow to Wydenmüli. Where it joins the cantonal road, you leave route 38 and take the cycle path on the right to Ettiswil. On entering the village, take the road that leads off to the right up the hill to the Brästenegg. After 400 metres or so, you turn left. Passing the Burg Chapel, you come to Wyher Castle.

Passing the castle, you cross the cantonal road. Some 300 metres further on, you come to the Buchwald educational nature reserve.

Follow the little Rot stream until you come to the cantonal road, where you turn left. You now follow regional cycle path 94 through Ettiswil via Alberswil to the Agrovision Bugrain organic visitor experience and agricultural museum. At this point, you could dismount and visit the Kastelen ruins. From the museum, you follow the waymarking of routes 38/94 past Gettnau to a point before Zell, where you join the cantonal road and take the bridge over the BLS railway line. One hundred metres before the roundabout, you turn left and head for Willisau. You now follow the Heart Route waymarking via the Stocki to Willisau.

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Willisau station
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Willisau station
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248 m
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April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Willisau - Ettiswil - Alberswil - Zell - Willisau

Author’s advice
  • Buchwald educational nature reserve: you might like to pause here a little longer to explore the fauna and flora of this miniature natural paradise. It is also possible to picnic here.
  • Agrovision organic visitor experience: visit the modern farm with its cattle stabling, enclosures and children’s playground. A farm shop and restaurant are part of the attraction.
  • Agricultural Museum, Burgrain: this 2500 m2 attraction demonstrates how life has changed for the farming community. A number of the artefacts show the extent to which agricultural technology has evolved.
  • Kastelen Castel ruins: the castle dates from the 13th century. You might like to walk up the hill to what is arguably Canton Lucerne’s most magnificent ruins. The tower contains a viewing platform providing a good view of the Napf mountains.
  • Willisau: with its historical sights, the little medieval town of Willisau merits more than a cursory visit. With its seven-sided fountains, two town gates and welcoming restaurants, the old part of town exudes a particular atmosphere.
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Beim Bahnhof (Gebührenpflichtig) oder bei der Festhalle (bis 12 Stunden gratis).

Arrival / Return journey

Auf der A2 Ausfahrt Willisau.

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport

BLS railway to Willisau

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Willisau Tourismus, Hauptgasse 10, 6130 Willisau 041 970 26 66, info@willisau-tourismus.ch www.willisau-tourismus.ch