Unterland Bike – 401 SwitzerlandMobility

Mountain Bike
28.8 km
Travel time
3 ½ h
Tour details
Tour details
Unterland Bike – 401 SwitzerlandMobility
Photo: A. Sanchez
Unterland Bike – 401 SwitzerlandMobility
Photo: A. Sanchez
Unterland Bike – 401 SwitzerlandMobility
Photo: A. Sanchez
Unterland Bike – 401 SwitzerlandMobility
Photo: A. Sanchez
Unterland Bike – 401 SwitzerlandMobility
Photo: A. Sanchez
Discover the many sides of the Uri holiday region, from the islands in Lake Uri and the quasi-Mediterranean character of Altdorf in Wilhelm Tell’s homeland to stunning vantage points.

Starting at Altdorf station, you proceed northwards to Wild Ried, then westwards along a field track to Unterdorf. You might like to pay a visit to picturesque A Pro Castle and the exhibition of minerals it contains; at the same time, why not do an extra loop to the shores of Lake Uri? With their Caribbean-like atmosphere, the Lorelei bathing islands will help you keep cool in hot weather.

You then pass through the Bodenwald forest above Seedorf, a pleasant local recreational resource, on your way to Attinghausen. Once in Schattdorf, you are faced with the first challenge of the day: a short, sharp ascent through the Schattdorf protective forest. After a brief downhill you arrive at Bürglen, place of birth of our national hero, Wilhelm Tell. The cooling Spiss Tunnel provides access to Bürglen’s natural terrace and the hamlet of Bittleten, which also marks the highest point of this tour. You then turn off into the Altdorf protective forest and enjoy glorious views of the Uri valley at the Restaurant Nussbäumli. A succession of ups and downs brings you to the Gruonbach in Flüelen, after which you return to your starting point via roads and field tracks. Tip(s) The tour is waymarked no. 401 throughout.


Author’s tip:

Track down the myths surrounding Switzerland’s national hero at the Tell Museum in Bürglen.

Technical details

Tour type
Mountain Bike
Starting point
Point of arrival
4 / 6
950 m
950 m
Altdorf - Seedorf - Attinghausen - Schattdorf - Gosmerli - Bürglen - Bittleten - Flüelen Gruonbach - Flüelen - Altdorf
Author’s advice

Schlossrestaurant A Pro mit Mineralienausstellung in Seedorf

Badeinseln Lorelei im Urner Reussdelta

Tell-Museum in Bürglen

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Good to know

Kostenpflichtiger Parkplatz am Bahnhof Altdorf.
Arrival / Return journey
Von der Autobahn A2 und von der Axenstrasse her kommend in Richtung Altdorf fahren, anschliessend Abzweiger zum Bahnhof nehmen.
Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
Take the bus or train to Altdorf station, where this tour starts.
Further information & links

Schloss A Pro

Ausstellungen in Schloss A Pro

Reussdelta mit Badeinseln Lorelei 

Tell-Museum Bürglen


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