Valley Bike - 402 SwitzerlandMobility

Mountain Bike
20.7 km
Travel time
2 ½ h
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez
Photo: A. Sanchez

This tour through the lowlands of Uri, suitable for beginners and families, introduces you to the topic of mobility, which has a rich history here in the Uri holiday region. As you follow the Reuss, discover the natural beauties of the Uri valley.

From Altdorf station, follow Rynächtstrasse to the bridge over the Reuss in Attinghausen. You then swap to the Reuss relief river path and make for the Reuss bridge in Erstfeld. After crossing the river, you follow the side road past pretty farms and tranquil spots on the banks of the Reuss and traverse Wiler and Butzen to arrive in Amsteg. Note the imposing railway bridge spanning the Chärstelenbach stream.

The return leg of the tour finds you heading north via Silenen and Ellbogen on the path on the eastern side of the Reuss. Erstfeld is where the north ramp of the Gotthard section of the summit railway line begins. You can admire various train compositions on display here – the panoramic tower is not far, nor is the “Crocodile” locomotive! Returning to the Reuss path, you arrive at the picturesquely located Jagdmatt Chapel with the Bristen in the background – a popular spot for photographs. From the Reuss bridge in Erstfeld you take the same way back to Altdorf station as before.



The tour is waymarked no. 402 throughout.

Technical details

Tour type
Mountain Bike
Starting point
Point of arrival
2 / 6
130 m
130 m

Altdorf - Attinghausen - Erstfeld - Butzen - Amsteg - Silenen - Erstfeld - Attinghausen - Altdorf

Author’s advice

Have fun with the “Tatort Tell” outdoor game, which involves searching for clues relating to the Swiss national hero in Altdorf, Bürglen and Sisikon.

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Good to know


Kostenpflichtiger Parkplatz am Bahnhof Altdorf.

Arrival / Return journey

Von der Autobahn A2 und von der Axenstrasse her kommend in Richtung Altdorf fahren, anschliessend Abzweiger zum Bahnhof nehmen.

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport

Mit dem Bus oder der Bahn bis zum Bahnhof Altdorf fahren. Dort ist der Ausgangspunkt für diese Tour.

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