Lozärner Oktoberfest 2023



"Rüüdig bayrisch" - that's the Lozärner Oktoberfest at the Eiszentrum in Lucerne. Experience with us the Bavarian hospitality and its delicacies! Not only Bavarian specialties like Obatzter, Weisswürstl and Hendl bring a piece of Bavaria to Lucerne. But also the original Rhesis and Seppis from Erding, which take over a racy service. Be there when our guests make their pilgrimage across the city in Dirndl and Lederhosn. Fun & music guaranteed!

Door opening always at 17.00
The hot kitchen closes at 22.15
The last song plays at 22.30
The closing time is at 22.30
The marquee closes at 22.45 hrs.

Dates overview

Friday, the 13.09.2024

17:00 - 22:45

Saturday, the 14.09.2024

17:00 - 22:45

Friday, the 20.09.2024

17:00 - 22:45


Price info

from CHF 59.- per person

Contact person

Tavolago AG
Postfach, Werftestrasse 5
6002 Luzern


Getting there
Lozärner Oktoberfest 2023
Horwerstrasse 87
6005 Luzern