«Live on Ice» Lucerne - Cancelled


The ice rink with views of the city, the lake and the mountains

Due to the impending power shortage and various other uncertainty factors, we decided to cancel the "Live on Ice" this year. Despite our efforts to realize the "Live on Ice", it remains a very cost- and personnel-intensive event and requires a long preparation and set-up time. In the current situation we consider a realization as too risky. We are aware that the popular ice rink, which has become a tradition, will be missed by many people and we regret the cancellation. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to the next "Live on Ice" in 2023. However, the "Lozärner Adväntseröffnig" on November 24 on Europaplatz will still take place, in a slightly modified form, and will be organized by Lucerne Tourism and the association "Christmas in Lucerne". More information about the event will be published on this website.