Stories from the Lake Lucerne Region. Stories about people who shape our region. We invite you on an exciting journey to discover and experience the diversity of the Heart of Switzerland.

Switzerland Summer

The Mythen man

Armin Schelbert has been hiking up his favourite mountain, the Gross Mythen, several times a day for about 20 years now. He has climbed it more than 4,600 times in his life – more often than anyone else

The Mythen man

Lucerne through Turner's eyes

Follow in the footsteps of Joseph Mallord William Turner, master of English Romanticism: the British artist painted a great deal in the Lake Lucerne region. 

Lucerne through Turner's eyes

Heidegg Castle

Countless stories trail around the Heidegg, whose first ramparts were erected on a lateral moraine around 1192. The ancient walls of the castle have a lot to tell and take you back to the 12th century.

Hunting castle ghosts

Willisauer Ringli

Willisauer Ringli – rock-hard, popular and famous. These traditional biscuits may only be produced in Willisau – that’s what a court of law determined in the 1940s. And did you know that you shouldn’t bite into a Willisauer Ringli, but break it with your elbow and let it dissolve on your tongue?

On the trail of the Willisauer Ringli

Swiss Ornithological Institute

Inspired by swallows, which use loam for their nests, in 2014 the Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach built a cutting-edge Minergie-P and eco-certified loam house on Luzernerstrasse. Find out what it means to be born as a bird in Switzerland.

Discover the world as a bird

Entlebuch water buffalo

The milk from the Entlebuch water buffalo is mainly used for the production of buffalo mozzarella. The buffalo milk from the Renggli farm is processed in the modern Marbach Alpine dairy.

From lush pastures to buffalo mozzarella

Ski tour to the Glatt Grat

Lucerne is a good starting point for ski tours long and short. That includes the tour from Klewenalp above Beckenried via the Brisenhaus to the Glatt Grat.

Accompany Tina and Ben