A paradise for inquisitive minds – Swiss Museum of Transport

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The Swiss Museum of Transport takes a fascinating, interactive look at the development of transport and mobility on road, rail and water, not forgetting air and space travel. On display are more than 3,000 objects, simulators, multimedia shows and interactive exhibits occupying an area some 20,000 m2 in size.

Opened in 1959, it is now the most-visited museum in Switzerland. The Swiss Museum of Transport is a great place to bring the family. On view are cars, boats, trains and aircraft, many of which can be boarded. Immerse yourself in the world of electronical media and, for a moment, star in your own TV production at «Media World».

Cinema: Switzerland’s largest cinema screen

Thrills and entertainment are the order of the day at the museum’s cinema! Audiences experience films and breathtaking documentaries in a new dimension, i.e. in the middle of the on-screen action.

Planetarium: in the realm of the stars

The planetarium takes you on a journey to the stars, distant planets and faraway galaxies. Its cutting-edge technology lets you experience virtual space walks. The 18-metre dome displays a stunning night sky, while commentators explain the wonders of astronomy.

Swiss Chocolate Adventure: from rainforest to pralines

The tour takes you on a chocolate adventure while virtual protagonists tell you about the discovery, provenance, manufacture and transport of chocolate. A multi-sensory voyage of discovery: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. And you receive a mini chocolate surprise at the end of the tour!


Location and contact

Verkehrshaus der Schweiz
Lidostrasse 5
6006 Luzern
+41 (0)41 375 75 75
Location fully accessible/usable
Wheelchair-accessible WC available
Designated disabled parking bays available