A special experience: diving trips in a submarine

Dive into the mystical underwater darkness; glide weightlessly through exciting underwater worlds and experience unique thrills: on a dive to a depth of 100 metres, you explore ancient wrecks in Lake Lucerne aboard Switzerland’s only passenger submarine.

Details and technology

Previously used for technical missions at depths of up to 300 metres, submarine P-63 was extensively refurbished and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive safety systems. Now Subspirit’s unique vessel provides spectacular trips for up to three passengers at a time. P-63 is the only submarine to be commercially certified for Swiss lakes.


For bookings and further information visit www.subspirit.ch.


Location and contact

Subspirit AG
Neuschwändistrasse 28
6390 Engelberg
+41 79 209 90 00