Fountain of Our Lady, Einsiedeln Monastery

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der Marienbrunnen auf dem Klosterplatz in Einsiedeln

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einer der grössten zusammenhängenden Kirchenvorplätze in ganz Europa

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After St. Peter's Square in Rome, Einsiedeln's Klosterplatz (Monastery Square) is the largest contiguous public space in front of a church in Europe. The square has undergone many changes over the years and is even now under reconstruction. It will have been completely renovated by 2020.

Today's Klosterplatz was built twelve years after the magnificent abbey was built. Previously the monastery had been shielded from the village by a walled terrace. Following the village fire of 1680, the distance between the village and the monastery was specified in writing and has remained so ever since.

Fountain of Our Lady

Like the pilgrims, take a sip from each of the 14 spouts: the water has had healing properties ascribed to it. The Fountain of Our Lady stands in the middle of Klosterplatz beneath the arcades. A fountain has probably stood here since the founding of the monastery.

The current one dates from 1752 and bears a statue of the


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Kloster Einsiedeln
8840 Einsiedeln
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