Mythen region

The Mythen mountains (Grosser and Kleiner) are majestically enthroned above the cantonal capital of Schwyz. The exhausting ascent is soon forgotten once you reach the summit. The panoramic views over the Schwyz valley, Central Swiss mountains, Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Central Plateau are unique. You’ll be able to relax later over a coffee or by taking a refreshing dip in the lake. The Schwyz region offers a wealth of culture and history: the Federal Charter of 1291, historic patrician residences, the “Hohle Gasse” of William Tell fame, and Morgarten, the site of a key historical battle. Schwyz is noted for its blend of ancient handiwork and innovation. Up on the Alp you can peer over the cheesemaker’s shoulder, while in Brunnen you can assemble your own pocket knife in the Victorinox Museum.

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