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Sustainable Lucerne
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Toni Ottiger’s estate has occupied this idyllic location for almost 40 years. Lake Lucerne sparkles below, while the Pilatus towers majestically to the west.

Tour and tasting

Sample the exquisite Lucerne wine on a tour of the estate. The estate’s shop is open every Saturday morning between 9 and 12.


The Ottiger wine-growing team makes wines with a distinctive character from ten grape varieties. The main grape variety in Kastanienbaum is the Pinot Noir. Here, it excels in a number of red wines thanks to its pre-Alpine elegance and refinement. A premium Pinot Noir, which goes by the name of «B», is highly sought after by cognoscenti and is inscribed in the «Mémoire des Vins Suisse». The Ottiger motto could be summarised as «Improving what’s good while venturing into new territory».


Location and contact

Weinbau Ottiger
Breitenstrasse 6
6047 Kastanienbaum
+41 (0)41 340 42 88