Foxtrail – the exciting paperchase

A whole new kind of sightseeing. Solve puzzles, crack codes and track the fox. Right across the city. Discover Lucerne City with the exciting Foxtrail paperchase.

Can you track down the clever fox? He leaves hidden messages and puzzling clues behind. You and your group have to try to find where the fox has gone. Across the city of Lucerne and its environs. On land as well as on water. And see a whole new side to Lucerne, with its unfamiliar squares, unexplored alleys and delightful vantage points.

Ideal for group excursions

The Foxtrail paperchase is perfect for company/departmental outings, seminar groups, clubs, schools, families and groups of friends. You start in small teams of two to six – either with a staggered start on the same trail or starting at the same time on different trails. Playable in any weather and at any time of year, the game is great as a team-building exercise for everyone to enjoy.


Location and contact

Swisscovery GmbH
Tribschenstrasse 78
6004 Luzern
+41 (0)41 329 80 00