Husky Lodge – encounters with sledge dogs in the Muotathal

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The Husky Lodge is home to 30 Siberian huskies. Get to know these friendly sledge dogs in their enclosure or go out trekking with them.

The lodge offers a variety of activities involving huskies, ranging from simple observing to a full-on trek. Here’s an idea of what’s on offer:

Visit the husky enclosure

Visit the husky enclosure accompanied by the husky guide (the “musher”) and find out what’s involved in looking after and working with the trustful huskies and all about their temperament.

Husky dream

The “musher” explains how the dogs are cared for and kept and how to work with them. Equipped with a special harness, you take a short trip in the company of some huskies.

Husky trekking

This activity also involves learning about the keeping of huskies. You’re then equipped with a special harness and take some dogs on a fun trek in the Muotathal mountains. Your group can go out for up to two hours, following remote trails and mountain paths. Once back at the Husky Lodge, depending on the daily routine you can help feed the pack.


Location and contact

Hüttenhotel Husky-Lodge
erlebniswelt muotathal GmbH
Balm 40
6436 Muotathal
+41 (0)41 831 81 50