Göscheneralp Dam – tour of a hydroelectric dam

Photo: Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke AG


Join an employee of the Göschenen power station on a visit to the 155-metre-high dam on the Göscheneralp. The tour takes you into the dam itself: you go down 300 steps to the throttle valves, then to the bottom outlet. From there you take a funicular train back to the starting point.

Tours are available by prior arrangement between June and October.

Natural energy storage

Holding 75 million cubic metres of water, Lake Göscheneralp stores energy. The water collected in summer is used to generate electricity in winter. The reservoir’s compacted earth-fill dam is 155 metres high, 540 metres long and 700 metres wide at its base. Material totalling 9.3 million cubic metres was used in its construction.


Location and contact

Wasserwelten Göschenen
6487 Göschenen
+41 77 530 08 84