Hölloch Muotathal – one of the world’s largest cave systems

With a known length of some 200 kilometres, the Hölloch caves in the Muota valley rank among the largest cave systems in the world. Water has spent almost a million years creating these amazing underground cavities.

Immerse yourself in the adventurous underworld by joining a local expert on a guided tour of the Muota valley caves. You’ll be astonished at the stalagmites, stalactites, deep gorges, mesmerising rock formations, glacier mills, fossils and lakes. An experience for adventurers and explorers.

There’s a choice of expeditions, from short hour-and-a-half tours to multi-day expeditions involving bivouacking.


The tours of the Hölloch caves are equivalent to mountain tours on challenging terrain. Exposed sections are well secured. The shorter tours call for sturdy footwear, warm clothes and surefootedness. The longer expeditions also require an ability to climb. All specialised equipment can be rented.


The turn-off towards the Muota valley is shortly after Schwyz – you’ll soon start to sense you’re approaching the Hölloch: the surroundings become noticeably shadier and cooler, the air fresher. The entrance to the caves is above the hamlet of Stalden.


Location and contact

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