An outing with llamas in Giswil

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Photo: Marlene Ambauen

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Get to know the intelligent and gentle llamas and walk with them through the beautiful Obwalden mountains.

You start by familiarising yourself with the animals. Each participant is accompanied on the trekking tour by one llama. With the inquisitive animals by your side, the leisurely walk takes you through some stunning country.

The llama is the perfect hiking companion. It’s very calm, determined, and can carry 20 per cent of its own body weight. The llama sets the pace, making the walk a relaxing, natural experience.

What about the animal’s reputation for spitting?

Llamas generally only spit on other llamas, not humans, resulting from a need to assert dominance.


You can book half-day to two-day tours, as well as individual outings.


Bring your own provisions with you. Hiking boots and weatherproof clothing are recommended.


The llama trekking starts at Giswil railway station.


Location and contact

Rufi-Schwendeli 1
6074 Giswil
+41 (0)41 675 25 77