Mule trekking – with Strübli and Negra

Accompany the two mules Strübli and Negra to the Rugghubel Hut in Engelberg.

Ascend the mountain with Fredy Schleiss and his two feisty, trustful mules. The fabulous Alpine panorama is just like that of a cowboy Western. An experience for all ages.

During your ascent through the wildlife reserve, the guide talks about the locality and its wildlife: with a little luck you might even see some of the fauna in its natural habitat. The climb takes around two-and-a-half hours, leading up to 2,296 metres above sea level.

This unique tour can be combined with an overnight stay at the Rugghubel Hut.

Stay the night amidst some amazing mountain scenery

Combining the mule trek with a night at the Rugghubel Hut is highly recommended. The hut is nestled in stunning mountain scenery populated with varied flora and fauna. Woken by the chirping of birds and screams of marmots, you’re rewarded with a spectacular sunrise.


Location and contact

Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg AG
Wydenstrasse 55
6391 Engelberg
+41 (0)41 639 60 60