Protective measures – guided tours for visitors

Valid from now until revocation

An update/reassessment will be made as soon as the Swiss Federal Government makes new information available.

The following basic protective measures recommended by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health continue to apply.

Group size A maximum of 20 persons is permitted per city tour and themed tour. Group sizes may have to be smaller, depending on the partner delivering the tour.
Indoor areas When in enclosed spaces, visitors must not touch surfaces or other objects.
Face masks From now on, the wearing of masks is mandatory on public and private guided tours. It is the personal responsibility of the guest and/or the group to wear the mask. The obligation to wear a mask now also applies to all guides. Masks can be obtained at the Tourist Information.
Personal responsibility Persons at higher health risk take part in guided tours at their own risk. Persons who show signs of illness, who feel unwell or who have had contact with persons suffering from COVID-19 are not allowed to take the tour.
List of group members Public guided members On site the participants have to register in a corresponding list.
List of group members Private guided members The names, address and telephone numbers of persons taking part in the tour must be noted and forwarded to Lucerne Tourism in the event of an infection.
Protective equipment Every guide has disinfectant with him.
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