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Shop Casagrande Lucerne

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Shop Casagrande Lucerne


Would you like to take home a souvenir from Lucerne? If so, pop in to the largest purveyor of souvenirs in Lucerne. Visitors and locals like to shop at Casagrande.

You'll find the shops on Schwanenplatz, on the Grendel, in Kapellgasse and on Denkmalstrasse between the Lion Monument and the Bourbaki Panorama. Browse their large selection of souvenirs and watches.


Carlo Casagrande from Lucerne and Kyra Marsh from the UK met in Lucerne and became partners. They opened their first shop on Hertensteinstrasse in 1948. Their 80 francs of seed capital was just enough to start importing brass products from Great Britain. They soon moved into the souvenirs segment. The family enterprise is now the largest purveyor of souvenirs in Lucerne. 1959 saw Carlo Casagrande fulfil a long-cherished dream by designing a talisman to act as "ambassador" for the company: the "Casi Boy" is still the trademark of the company.


Location and contact

Casagrande Gifts and Watches
Grendel 6
6004 Luzern
+41 (0)41 418 60 60