Waldstätterweg trail

The Waldstätterweg is a cultural trail with history. Walking the trail can be combined with a boat, bus or train ride for flexible days out. A wide range of accommodation (hotels/guest houses, agrotourism, etc.) helps immerse you in the country, its people and the unique characteristics of the region. One particularity of the trail is its «hike and swim» option – (almost) anytime you feel like it!

Current situation
The Waldstätter trail is open. Please note the timetable of the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company and the mask obligation applies. Keep to the distance rule of 1.5m recommended by the Federal Office and avoid large crowds at barbecue & rest areas.


General information

The Waldstätterweg is a cultural trail around Lake Lucerne which is suitable for all ages.

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Waldstätterweg stages

The Waldstätterweg trail is divided into seven stages.

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Learning along the way

To enhance the walking experience for young people, documentation on the history of the trail and other information has been produced with primary and secondary schools in mind.

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Cultural landscape guide

The cultural landscape guide contains key historical background information on the Waldstätterweg trail.

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