Escape Factory



An interactive escape game full of fun, games and excitement.

Immerse yourself in a story full of games, fun and excitement. Each of the three games tells its own story and the teams experience a fascinating adventure together. But beware the time is running...

The Virus
A virus, created in a secret military base, is about to be deployed. Can the virus be rendered harmless within an hour with the help of a renegade scientist 

The Manuscript
A manuscript whose existence was long unknown is now in danger of falling into the wrong hands.  Unsuspecting Olaf is given the task of protecting the manuscript at his father's deathbed and sets off on an adventurous search.

The Conspiracy
Alice learns from her seriously ill grandfather that a sinister plot is after his life's work. An incredible story in the fight for justice. But watch out, time is running out...


General Information

  • Indoor


  • Animation


  • Bad weather offer

Target group

  • groups

  • teenagers

  • adults

Contact person

Bahnhofplatz 3
6210 Sursee
Getting there
Bahnhofplatz 3
6210 Sursee