Family excursion

Excursion tips for families

The range of activities on offer in the Lake Lucerne Region is enough to make any family jump for joy! There’s something for everyone. Indoors or out, exploring or playing games, in fine or foul weather.

Games & scavenger hunts

Going on a journey of discovery together as a family and putting your teamwork to the test? Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Fodtrails, Foxtrails and scavenger hunts - experience fun, adventure and an extra dose of excitement!

Indoor activities

Whatever the weather, there are plenty of exciting ways to experience adventures together indoors. From creative challenges to fun games - there's something to suit every age group!

For animal friends

Out and about with animals. Would you like to take your children on an animal excursion near the city? Watching deer, petting donkeys or tracking down alpine newts? Animal lovers will find idyllic places and parks with all kinds of animals around Lucerne.

Playgrounds in Lucerne

Here children can let off steam in a safe environment in the middle of the city of Lucerne. Go on a discovery tour through the city of Lucerne. The playgrounds are within walking distance of sights, museums and restaurants.


The Lucerne Lake Lucerne Region offers various excursions for families and groups.

Summer activities

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the sun outdoors as a family and experience unforgettable adventures.