Outstanding places to spend the night

Spend the summer in a «Million Star Hotel». There are places in the Lake Lucerne Region where you can enjoy «dark skies»: clear nights in total darkness, with a twinkling Milky Way amid the peacefulness of the surrounding mountainscape. Here are seven places where you can spend the night under clear, starry skies.

Yurt Village in Luthern Bath

In the yurt village in Luthern Bad near Willisau, man and nature meet. In the lovingly tended surroundings, the two components in their community take centre stage. Simple, free, natural: let yourself be enchanted by this wonderful place and make yourself comfortable in a yurt.

Panoramic Tent, Stoos

The Panoramic Tent on the Fronalpstock offers spectacular sunsets over Lake Lucerne thanks to the 360° panoramic view. Later, the millions of stars in the Milky Way seem close enough to touch, while the freshness of the mountain meadows lulls you to sleep without a care in the world. The next morning finds dawn tickling you out of your sleeping bag and into the Fronalpstock summit restaurant, where you can fortify yourself at the breakfast buffet.


Tree Tents Fräkmüntegg

You’re almost literally floating on cloud nine at Fräkmüntegg on the Pilatus. These special tents are stretched between trees just above ground level and offer enchanting views of the star-studded sky. But before you turn in for the night, you tuck into a barbecue complete with salad and dessert buffet, then watch the spectacular sunset. After a relaxing night in the great outdoors, you can look forward to a hearty breakfast in the Restaurant Fräkmüntegg.

TentCamp, Alp Lauchern

The little adventure under the stars already starts «topless» with the CabriO cable car during the ride up the Stanserhorn. The destination: the TentCamp at Alp Lauchern. Those who want to experience the little adventure under the clear skies reach the alp via a demanding but unique ridge hike from the Stanserhorn in the direction of Engelberg, which requires a head for heights. However, the journey is worth it: once arrived, you are welcomed by a sustainable offer and true hospitality. Tip: The TentCamp at Alp Lauchern is a highlight on the Tell Trail and can be perfectly combined with the 7 stages of the long-distance hiking trail.


Bubble in Klewenalp

Gaze at the canopy of stars from your bed in Klewenalp. Only a bubble of plastic separates you from the idyllic alpine landscape. The gentle sound of cowbells lulls you to sleep and in the morning you wake up to the first rays of sunshine. Enjoy the magical views of Lake Lucerne together – and savour breakfast served in the bubble.


Glamping at Wellberg organic farm

Sleep soundly in the glamorously appointed tents at Wellberg organic farm. You get a bed and even a bathroom – amenities you won’t find in the average campsite. But you’re also able to cook over a camp fire – that’ll instil the right camping ambience! After a relaxing night in the midst of nature, breakfast is served in a special breakfast basket. Then why not visit the animals on the farm before you leave?


Galleli yurt village, Entlebuch

The Galleli yurt village near Escholzmatt promises nights of peace and closeness to nature. The traditional nomadic tents of Central Asia offer a unique atmosphere for up to 10 people. Draw fresh strength with a dip in the nearby stream, a session in the sauna yurt or a yoga class. The secluded car-free setting is also perfect for stargazers!

Holidays in the wheelhouse


The MS Rigi was used as a scheduled ship on Lake Lucerne for 62 years. Today, the wheelhouse of the retired motor ship sits high above Lake Baldegg and promises an extraordinary holiday. From your seat you can enjoy the unique view over the idyllic Lake Baldegg and the Alpine panorama.