Lucerne’s commitment

The city of Lucerne and Lucerne Tourism are devoted to the sustainable development of tourism, optimising their own organisation while promoting natural and cultural attractions for business and leisure tourists.

In its capacity as a destination management organisation, Lucerne Tourism is equally committed to the sustainable development of tourist infrastructure in the city of Lucerne and the Lucerne-Lake Lucerne region.

The commitment of Lucerne Tourism

Sustainability policy

The sustainability policy of Lucerne Tourism incorporates sustainability targets and measures for the three spheres of society, environment and economy.

Selected targets include:

  • Promoting environmentally sound mobility (including free public transport passes for hotel guests)
  • Boosting the regional economy (cooperation agreements, contract awards, etc.)
  • Flattening demand peaks through improved utilisation of capacity in the off season (promoting the winter months, encouraging winter conferences, etc.)
  • Raising awareness of tourism among the population of the Lucerne-Lake Lucerne region
  • Upholding and communicating culture, traditions, history and nature

The overriding aim is to strike a harmonious balance between the needs of guests, the local population and the environment. For this reason, we welcome any input, ideas or questions you may have regarding sustainability as we move forward in partnership. Please use this contact form to get in touch.

Commitment of the city of Lucerne

The city of Lucerne takes account of the ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability across many areas, earning the labels Grünstadt and Energiestadt Gold in the process.


Sustainable event planning

Alongside the dedication of those working in our tourism sector and our efficient and broad-based network of partners, the greatest indicator of quality in the Lucerne-Lake Lucerne region is the integrity of our natural surroundings. To continue offering a high-quality experience into the future, Lucerne Tourism works actively to develop events management in a sustainable way, so as to conserve resources.

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