Lucerne: Switzerland’s music city

The noise of the city, the music of the mountains and the melodies of the lake - in Lucerne, all of these sounds flow together to form one harmonious symphony. The picturesque natural backdrop has enchanted many world-famous composers and artists. You too will be inspired by the beauties of the landscape.


‹Wherever I cast my gaze from my house, I am surrounded by a true wonder world. I know of no more beautiful place on this earth.›
Richard Wagner on Lucerne, 1866


From renowned music festivals to colourful carnival celebrations, Lucerne offers first-class events all year round that attract visitors from all over the world. Immerse yourself in the diversity and experience unforgettable moments in Lucerne, the city of music.

Event Calendar

The calendar of events invites you to discover the diversity and passion of the local music world. From classical concerts by renowned orchestras to rousing live performances by local talent, there is something for every taste and every mood. Don't miss the opportunity to be enchanted by the unique melodies and rhythms that Lucerne has to offer.