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1 hour 15 minutes
The "Riviera Scavenger Hunt" takes you to the most beautiful places along the Riviera between Hertenstein and Weggis and promises exciting puzzle fun in the most beautiful natural surroundings.
The Weggis Riviera Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to discover the Riviera between Hertenstein and Weggis. Nine exciting puzzles lead you along the shores of Lake Lucerne past idyllic quays and parks.
And there is also something to be won: great prizes await those who solve all the puzzles.

The treasure hunt can be combined with the "Riviera" round trip organised by the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV). 

Punch cards for the treasure hunt can be obtained from Café Vienna in Hertenstein.


The widowed and wealthy Mrs Axtamhelm, who lives in Weggis, can no longer remember the code for her jewellery safe.
Fortunately, her husband has prepared a mnemonic for this case. He has hidden the secret codes to open the safe at nine different points along her favourite walk from Hertenstein to Weggis. He photographed the hiding places, marked them on a map and explained them with notes where necessary. Unfortunately, her husband wasn't the best photographer and Mrs Axtamhelm can't make heads or tails of his notes. Can you find all nine secret codes with the help of the plan and the photos?
As soon as you find a code, punch it into the space provided. The solution is waiting for you at the tourist information centre in Weggis and you can get your reward!

Game description

The scavenger hunt begins at the start in Hertenstein. The leaflet contains instructions on where to find the nine posts of the hunt. They are all located along the Riviera from Hertenstein to Weggis. When you come to a post, stamp the post on the leaflet to get the solution word at the end. You then have to translate the secret solution word in front of the tourist information centre in Weggis and enter it online using the QR code. Only then will the last puzzle be unlocked. If you manage to solve it, great prizes await you.

The course with nine posts can be experienced from April to October. Punch cards for the scavenger hunt can be purchased at the boat station in Lucerne and Brunnen, at the Tourist Information Weggis or at Café Vienna in Hertenstein.


And there is also something to win: Once all nine posts have been found, the secret solution word can be revealed with the help of a clue in the display case in front of the Tourist Information Weggis. Only then will the last puzzle be unlocked. If you manage to solve it, great prizes await you.


The scavenger hunt was organised and designed by Lucerne Tourism in collaboration with the Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstätterseees (SGV) and the Migros Genossenschaft Luzern.


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