Small town hopping

Discover delightful small town gems

Small town hopping

Discover delightful small town gems

Small, neat and surprisingly beautiful, the small towns of the Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region are full of surprises. Alongside the internationally renowned city of Lucerne, there are many unsung small towns just waiting to be discovered.

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Be guided by your personal tastes, then come and see what life is really like here. In these compact towns, history, culture, cuisine and local craftsmanship converge. They may be close together, yet each town has a character very much of its own – and you will fall under the spell of every one. Since travelling times are short, you will also have more time to enjoy. Shuttling between the closely located towns on public transport is simplicity itself, so combine them as you wish. On every train ride, you will enjoy a passing landscape of shimmering lakes, mighty mountains and picture-perfect villages – and all sorts of mini adventures await at your destination. All aboard!

Discover delightful small town gems

Located a mere stone’s throw from each other, the small towns of the Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region are full of surprises – and easily visited in any combination you choose. Explore exciting towns packed with culture, history, crafts and culinary delights. To make a relaxing small town tour complete with panoramic views, just hop aboard the public transport and feel your cares melt away.


At the heart of Medieval Willisau is its colourful old quarter. The heart of town is encircled by fortifications – including two towering gates, which stand guard over rows of small local shops selling regional specialities.


Sursee is a pretty little town on Lake Sempach that enchants visitors with a blend of old-world charm and modern ambience. With its Medieval structures and narrow passages, the beautifully preserved old town is the perfect place for a stroll.


The beguiling town of Sempach is best known for its history. Encircled by town walls, this is a wonderful place to wander back in time. The town’s idyllic location by Lake Sempach is another good reason to visit.


In Stans, the deep-rooted sense of tradition and culture is tangible. Tucked between delightful alleyways, secluded parks and gardens are many testaments to the past and present. 


Sarnen is the magical capital of the Canton of Obwalden. Its picturesque old town is filled with characteristic wooden buildings and narrow cobbled streets. The town nestles amid mountains and vineyards on the shores of Lake Sarnen.


The vibrant small town of Schwyz, capital of the eponymous canton, has many hidden treasures including the most important constitutional document in Switzerland, scores of cherry blossom trees and culinary hotspots.


Instantly recognised by many for its celebrated Chapel Bridge and Water Tower, the city of Lucerne stands between the lake and the mountains. Away from these tourist magnets, though, there are vibrant quarters and secluded squares.


Visitors to Altdorf can expect a personal greeting from national hero William Tell. This history-charged little town of winding passages and historic buildings sits in a narrow valley.


Small town charm at its best

From historical landmarks, to quiet, charming small town gems whose centers exude a calm and serenity, where colorful stores and cozy cafes invite you to relax and observe.

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