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Discover the city of Lucerne at your own pace – the OFFICIAL AUDIO TOUR LUCERNE app means you always have your Lucerne city tour to hand. It's suitable for smaller groups, families and individuals who want to explore the city at their own pace. Get the lowdown on Lucerne's key sights including the Water Tower, Chapel Bridge, the Jesuit Church, the Lion Monument and our magnificent KKL venue as we guide you, via your headphones, through our wonderful city. Many other historically important attractions are included for you to discover in your own time.

The free OFFICIAL AUDIO TOUR LUCERNE app offers a multitude of benefits.

Get comprehensive information and fascinating anecdotes about Lucerne's top sights: pop your headphones on to hear about e.g. the KKL, Jesuit Church or Chapel Bridge while you're standing in front of them and learn about their history and construction and what they were/are used for.

Follow the set route to take in all the sights. This tour has you walking past Lucerne's top sights in about two-and-a-half hours. Alternatively, find your own way around. The individual sights are clearly marked on the map, so you can visit the ones of your choice.

Maintain your bearings. Activate your GPS feature and find your location on the detailed map of Lucerne. Discover the sights near you – even without an internet signal.

No internet? No problem. The audio tour is also available offline, so you can get information on what you're seeing anytime, anywhere. You can download the tour using the free wi-fi available at the tourist information office at Lucerne railway station and at various locations around Lucerne.

The audio tour is available in German and English.