A high-altitude hike (multi-day tour)




23.20 km long
difficulty: medium
condition: medium
Great panorama
  • 08:15 h
  • 1,550 m
  • 1,000 m
  • 517 m
  • 1,567 m
  • 1,050 m
  • 23.20 km
  • start: Allweg, Ennetmoos
  • destination: Grafenort
Ennetmoos – Bluematt – Wiesenberg – Wirzweli – Diegisbalm – Bielen – Grafenort

Around the Stanserhorn to Wirzweli (overnight stay). The next day on the Panoramaweg over the Engelberg valley to Diegisbalm and Bielen. With the cable car down to Grafenort.


Best season

depending on the weather


At the beginning we circle the Stanserhorn. The start for this multi-day tour is the Allweg Chapel. On small forest roads and through the forest we reach "Bluematt" and via "Ahornhütte" in a big zigzag to "Blatti" on the Stanserhorn ridge. Then 500m down to Wiesenberg. In the Wirzweli area there are various overnight accommodations. The next morning is less strenuous, on the high-altitude hike over the western Engelberg valley we reach Diegisbalm and Bielen. The cable car finally takes us down to the valley, it takes half an hour to the Grafenort train station.

Tour information

  • Barrier-Free

Additional information

The time calculation includes the descent with the Bielen-Bahn.


Nidwalden Tourismus


Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee


Getting there
A high-altitude hike (multi-day tour)
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