Schwyz village tour




1.68 km long
round trip
difficulty: easy
  • 01:00 h
  • 19 m
  • 19 m
  • 507 m
  • 526 m
  • 19 m
  • 1.68 km
  • start: Bus stop: Schwyz, Zentrum
  • destination: Bus stop: Schwyz, Zentrum
Discover the sights of Schwyz on your own by following the information boards. Let yourself be surprised by the rich history, tradition and culture.

During your walk, eleven panels with pictures and short texts provide you with a wealth of information about important places and their history, public buildings, patrician houses, monasteries, churches and chapels. You will also learn interesting facts about festivals and customs that have a long tradition in Schwyz. The village tour starts and ends at the "Schwyz Post" bus stop at the Forum Schweizer Geschichte.

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Best season

depending on the weather


01 Bahnhofstrasse

02 Hauptplatz und Rathaus

03 Metzghofstatt

04 Grosshus (Herrenhaus)

05 Frauenkloster St. Peter

06 Hedlingerhäuser (Herrenhäuser)

07 Ital Reding-Hofstatt

08 Kirchenareal St. Martin

09 Herrengasse

10 Kapuzinerkloster

11 Bundesbriefmuseum

Tour information

  • Cultural Interesting

  • Loop Road

  • Stop at an Inn

  • Suitable for Pushchair


Parkhaus Hofmatt, Schwyz
By train to Schwyz station and then by bus to Schwyz, Zentrum.

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Erlebnisregion Mythen


Erlebnisregion Mythen


Perhaps the village tour will also inspire you to visit a church or an exhibition. If you wish, you can complement the tour with a visit to the Ital Reding House, the Forum of Swiss History or the Museum of the Swiss Charters of Confederation. The museums provide an in-depth insight into local, cantonal and national history and culture. Take your time - it's worth staying a while!


You can find the plan for the village tour in Schwyz here...


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Schwyz village tour
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