The 'Nose' tour, Buochs




13.61 km long
round trip
difficulty: medium
condition: medium
  • 04:30 h
  • 505 m
  • 512 m
  • 434 m
  • 799 m
  • 365 m
  • 13.61 km
  • start: Buochs, post
  • destination: Buochs, post
Buochs – Aawasseregg – Ennetbürgen – Unter Nas – Rappersfluh – St. Jost – Ennetbürgen

A walk full of variety, first along the lake, then to the narrowest point of Lake Lucerne between Ober Nas and Unter Nas (Nase means nose, hence the name of this tour). Rappersfluh and St. Jost's chapel are vantage points on the return leg. If you're looking for somewhere to eat, the Hotel Sternen in Buochs always conjures up homemade dishes and specialities from fresh, regional products.


Best season

depending on the weather


Always following your nose, walk along the water's edge at Buochs, past Aawasseregg to Ennetbürgen. The path then climbs slightly to finally reach the furthermost point, the Unter Nas. Following the ridge between the two arms of the lake, you climb to Rappersfluh and St. Jost's chapel, where you simply have to pause to enjoy the view.

Tour information

  • Loop Road


Route planner to Buochs

Kostenpflichtige Parkplätze beim Strandbad Buochs-Ennetbürgen.

Bus stop: Buochs, Post Buochs

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More information:
Nidwalden Tourismus
Bahnhofplatz 2
6370 Stans
+41 41 610 88 33
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Visit for more gastronomy from Nidwalden.

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Nidwalden Tourismus


Nidwalden Tourismus


The Nidwalden veal geschnetzeltes is a popular dish at the Hotel Sternen. Fresh fish specialities are served between March and September, while the focus in autumn is on local game and venison.


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The 'Nose' tour, Buochs
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