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Culinary delights
from CHF 49.00 p.P.
A boat trip on Lake Lucerne, a visit to the Rütli meadow steeped in history and the most important thing: culinary delights!
If this appeals to you, the Culinary Tour in the Cradle of Switzerland is just the thing for you. Tickets for the Culinary Tour Cradle of Switzerland are available at the Brunnen boat station, the Schiffstation Beckenried and at the Gästesteinformation Altdorf and online (from Brunnen).

Apéro in Brunnen

The culinary tour starts either in Altdorf, Beckenried or Brunnen. You start with an aperitif at Quai 2, right on the lakeside promenade in Brunnen, where you can enjoy an impressive mountain and lake backdrop. The journey continues by boat, which takes you from Brunnen to Treib. There you have a direct connection to the Treib-Seelisberg railway. From Seelisberg, it's a leisurely hike to the Rütli meadow.

Lunch on the historic Rütli meadow

The Rütli meadow is where the Rütli Oath is said to have taken place in 1291 with representatives of the original cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. The Rütli Meadow is known as the founding site of Switzerland and is of great national importance. Enjoy the main course on the large covered panoramic terrace in the Rütlihaus restaurant. Incidentally, directly below the Rütlihaus restaurant you will find the oath square where the alliance is said to have been concluded.

Take the boat to dessert

Take the boat from the Rütli to Brunnen. Your culinary tour ends at the Restaurant Weisses Rössli in Brunnen with a coffee and a surprise dessert. If you started your tour in Altdorf or Beckenried, you can look forward to another boat trip on the fjord-like Lake of Uri, which will take you back to your starting point.



  • Culinary delights

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Foreign Language

German, English, French, Italian


Price info

from Brunnen

CHF 49.00 per person (GA)
CHF 64.00 per person (1/2)
CHF 78.00 per person (1/1)

from Altdorf

CHF 49.00 per person (GA)
CHF 73.00 per person (1/2)
CHF 85.00 per person (1/1)

from Beckenried

CHF 49.00 per person (GA)
CHF 79.00 per person (1/2)
CHF 108.00 per person (1/1)

The price includes public transport - boat (2nd class), Treib-Seelisberg railway and bus from Altdorf - as well as the meal incl. drink.

Important notice

  • Validity: The offer is available from 20 April to 20 October 2024  
  • Tickets: Tickets for the Culinary Tour Cradle of Switzerland are available at the boat station in Brunnen, Schiffstation Beckenried and at the guest information centre in Altdorf
  • Start time: For the culinary tour from Brunnen, a start time of 10 am or 11 am is recommended. First you go to Quai2 for an aperitif, then by boat 10:49 am or 11:49 am to Treib. For the day trip from Altdorf, we recommend a start time of 9.13 am (bus). Departure from Beckenried is possible from 10:27 or 11:27.
  • Groups: For groups of 10 or more people, early booking is required: Tel. +41 41 825 00 40, at least two days in advance.


  • Equipment: The hike from Seelisberg to the Rütli takes just under an hour (2.7 km). The trail leads mostly downhill through the forest on a nicely laid out hiking path. The difference in altitude between Seelisberg and Rütli is 285 metres. We recommend good shoes and clothing suitable for the weather.
  • You can get a little taste of the culinary tour in the blog Which "Cradle of Switzerland" type are you?

Package feature

  • Culinary Tour Menu: 3 dl soft drink per person are included in the price of the main course. For the surprise dessert, there is either a coffee or an espresso. Additional and alcoholic drinks are paid separately on site.
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