Dreilinden Park



Dreilinden Park, probably better known as «Konsipark», is not only the largest public park in the city of Lucerne with a breathtaking view, but also a place of culture.

If you dare to take a journey into the past, Dreilinden Park is the place to be. Walk through the historic entrance gate, along the avenue and visitors to the park are rewarded with a view over the Lucerne lake basin and the mighty mountain peaks of Central Switzerland.

In addition to the castle-like Villa Vicovaro, there is also an agricultural building, a gatehouse, an artificial gateway ruin, marble sculptures and even a grotto in the park. The property has belonged to the city of Lucerne since 1929.



Arrival possible on foot or by bus lines 7 and 14.

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Dreilinden Park
6002 Luzern - Dreilindenpark (Konsipark)